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    Xiamen Phonelink Technologies Co.,Ltd.

    Established in 2007, We are  professional in design、manufacture and supply GSM\GPRS\Edge\CDMA\3G\4G wireless fixed fax terminal &phone and ower patent mobile facsimile machine. We can provide an all –in-one solution for your sourcing needs, from R&D to manufacturing and trade services. We have a workspace of 2,000 square meters and workforce of 150 staff. Current annual provide 500k GSM\Edge\CDMA\Evdo wireless fixed terminal and 100k wireless fax terminals from our 6 production lines. We are ERP managed and ISO9001: 2008 certified. Our team of more than 36 R&D engineers will take care of your OEM/ODM needs. And our 16 QC staff inspects your orders piece by piece on our test equipment from the Siemens, the USA and Japan. All the products carry a one-year warranty and CCC\CE\CB Certifications.


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