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    4G Wireless fax machine without fax server setup

    4G wireless fax machine without fax server

    1.4G fax received and send all over the world

    2. Not special fax number SIM card from your SP

    3. Connected with your PSTN fax number via P1

    4.Support wireless fax\copier\PC scanner\PC printer\

    5.Router with WIFI and LAN can be optional

    Bluetooth talker T2

    Key Feature

    1、              Bluetooth module from Finland with world certifications

    2、             Support protocol Secondary development

    3、              Auto answer and one key call in driver phone

    4、              Answer and reject key set in VIP phone

    5、              VIP Phone with battery inside

    6、              VIP phone support mobile way and fix in wall

    7、              Link auto when the power on

    8、              High gain antenna on board

    9、              Voice communication about 20m

    10、         Designed for limo、bank counter and all shields in two sides


    Product Highlight:
    1. Fax jack (RJ11) for G3 fax operation
    2. Supports standard CDMA UIM (User Identification Module)
    3. Single jack (RJ11) for telephone operation
    4. Powerful encryption to ensure high security of data
    5. Support PC FAX (by win fax or net fax)
    6. Support GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ FAX/VOICE
    7. Support WCDMA data via USB


    Made in Xiamen PRC

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